How Citizen Organizations Can Monitor Abuse of States Resources in Elections: An NDI Guidance Document

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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Political corruption and the abuse of state resources can undermine the core principles of electoral integrity, subverting equal electoral competition and the will of voters. Through systematic monitoring of the abuse of state resources, citizen monitors can promote accountability for such abuses and seek to prevent them altogether. NDI’s guide, How Citizen Organizations Can Monitor Abuse of State Resources in Elections, provides a framework for citizen election observers and civil society organizations to make strategic decisions about how to monitor the abuse of state resources and its impact on electoral integrity. The guide provides a detailed overview of the abuse of institutional, coercive, regulatory and budgetary resources in elections, with additional information on monitoring the abuse of media and legislative resources. It reviews various methodologies – including direct observation, key informant interviews, analysis of official data, in-depth investigation, verified citizen reports, and monitoring of traditional and social media – and discusses which are best suited to monitor different types of abuses, as well as strategies to develop communications plans. The guide also highlights successful and varied election monitoring strategies used to document abuse of state resources around the world.

In addition to the written guide, NDI has also developed short videos focused on political corruption in elections and beyond; the legal framework around political corruption; and impactful communications strategies for abuse of state resources monitoring. These videos are available in English, French, and Spanish. 


English Videos:


French Videos:

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