#NotTheCost: Program Guidance for Stopping Violence Against Women in Politics

Friday, March 17, 2017

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Historically, violence against women in politics (VAW-P) has been a largely hidden phenomenon, but it is a real and grave concern for all those dedicated to strengthening democracies around the world, and it cannot be allowed to continue. There is a need to raise awareness about this violence, create new norms and standards against it, construct processes to register and respond to complaints, provide services for women who are victims and punish the perpetrators of violence. To do so, all relevant stakeholders must commit to act together to confront VAW-P, which will contribute to strengthening democratic culture and practice, and achieving prosperous and resilient societies. This publication aims to provide guidance on how to achieve this goal, addressing democracy practitioners in particular as a well-positioned group to develop and conduct programs to eradicate violence against politically active women.

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