Process and Results Verification for Transparency (PRVT) Guide

Thursday, February 29, 2024

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Process and Results Verification for Transparency (PRVT) is an election day observation methodology that allows nonpartisan citizen organizations to systematically assess the quality of opening, voting, closing, and counting – as well as official results and, indirectly, the tabulation process –  at a national scale and independently verify official results. Using statistical principles and rapid reporting technologies, PRVTs enable citizen observers to provide accurate, timely, and comprehensive information about the conduct of election day and, when appropriate, to quickly estimate where credible results of the election should fall. As we’ve seen repeatedly over the years — trust in the results is heavily dependent on the quality of election day as well as of the entire electoral process.

The PRVT was known previously as “Parallel Vote Tabulation” (PVT) or “Quick Count,” both of which reflect an early emphasis on collecting polling station results and tabulating them in parallel to the official process. The terminology has evolved to better capture what the methodology is: a methodology that independently verifies both election day process and results to make the election more transparent for all stakeholders using a data-driven, statistics-based approach. 

The guide is mainly intended for nonpartisan citizen election observers interested in PRVTs, including those with past experience in systematic election observation that would like to learn about new approaches. It includes case studies and examples from citizen election observers who have implemented PRVTs in their own contexts. However donors, academics, technical assistance providers, political parties, and other civil society organizations may also find aspects of the guide informative for their own activities, preparations and greater awareness. Chapters 1-5 cover the basis for understanding, planning, and preparing for a PRVT, which is useful for organizational leadership or anyone interested in leading or supporting a PRVT. Chapters 6-13 focuses on strategies for implementation of a PRVT for technical staff. 

The guide is currently available in English, and will be available soon in Arabic, French, Russian, and Spanish.


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