Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Derek Mitchell has announced he will be stepping down as NDI president after five years of transformative leadership of the Institute, effective on September 4, 2023. In the interim, the Board of Directors has begun searching for a replacement.

“It has been my honor to work with Derek Mitchell during a time when democracy has faced unprecedented challenges all over the world,” said NDI Board Chair Tom Daschle. “Derek’s experience as former Ambassador to Myanmar, his expertise on the pivotal region of Asia, and his knowledge as a democracy thought leader have been invaluable to NDI.”

“Democracy is in Derek’s DNA. His powerful voice on why democracy matters and the benefits it brings to people is respected by government officials, academics, the press and democracy practitioners all over the world.” 

“The NDI community and the Board have benefited from Derek’s extraordinary leadership during a time of transformative change. We have been lucky to have his passion, dedication and expertise at the helm of the Institute” Chair Daschle added.

“It has been my profound honor and privilege to lead the world’s finest global team dedicated to a mission of protecting, promoting and defending human dignity, democracy, and the institutions, practices and people that strengthen and protect them worldwide,” said President Mitchell.“  

“During my tenure, the Institute has remained resilient and effective in the face of historic challenges at home and abroad, including a global pandemic and increasing assaults on democratic values and practice. We have strengthened NDI through internal restructuring, renewed strategic focus, and by applying the fruits of our long experience to today’s challenges. I’m confident NDI is prepared to meet the future with similar success, to secure democracy’s promise for generations to come.”

“Finally, I want to thank NDI’s unparalleled Board for its leadership and support of me during my tenure, first with Madeleine Albright and then with Tom Daschle at the helm. NDI’s mission remains more essential than ever. In all my endeavors to come, I will continue to support NDI and its critical mission, and be proud of my association and the work we did together.”


NDI is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization that works in partnership around the world to strengthen and safeguard democratic institutions, processes, norms and values to secure a better quality of life for all. NDI envisions a world where democracy and freedom prevail, with dignity for all.


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