Supporting Inclusive Early Party Development: Program Guidance

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Supporting Inclusive Early Party Development: Program Guidance

Political parties around the world are facing a crisis in public confidence, as many citizens view them as inaccessible and unresponsive to their concerns and needs. Women, in particular, face informal and formal barriers to their participation in parties, which often have opaque procedures, reflect larger patriarchal norms or violence, and perpetuate hyper-masculine cultures. “Supporting Inclusive Early Party Development: Program Guidance” provides information and resources for advocates, practitioners, and policymakers who seek to support and strengthen nascent political parties, especially during times of political transition. The guidance is designed to help these actors ensure women’s inclusion, providing support for their full and equal partnership in early party development. The guidance emphasizes the importance of identifying and leveraging the opportunities that arise in times of political disruption to transform pre-existing power dynamics, while ensuring that previous gains for women’s rights are not unintentionally undermined. 

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