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Women in the News

What's New at NDI Gender, Women and Democracy (GWD)

Votes Without Violence

GWD is proud to launch the Votes Without Violence toolkit on the issue of violence against women in elections, developed from NDI's collaboration with citizen observer groups around the world. It includes guidance and a set of practical tools and resources that can be used directly by observers and practitioners to monitor and mitigate electoral violence against women effectively. Check out our website and toolkit here: https://www.ndi.org/votes-without-violence >>

Violence Against Women in Politics

Liberal International and NDI partnered to host a working lunch with liberal parliamentarians to create strategies on preventing and eliminating violence against politically active women so MPs can exchange experiences from their own countries and formulate policy proposals on how to tackle the issue on both a national and international level. >>

Violence Against Women Leaders

This IPU study released yesterday reveals the global problem that exists of sexism, harassment, and violence against women MPs. It shows clearly not only the disturbing levels of psychological, sexual, and physical violence against women in politics across the world, but also the resilience and courage of these MPs.Read more about it here: http://www.ipu.org/pdf/publications/issuesbrief-e.pdf >>

IPU Summit: Resolution on Women's Political Participation

During the 135th IPU Summit this week in Geneva Switzerland, participants drafted and debated the resolution for “The freedom of women to participate in political processes fully, safely, and without interference: Building partnerships between men and women to achieve this objective." See what they drafted here: http://www.ipu.org/conf-e/135/3Cmt-dr-res.pdf >>

2017 Joni Lovenduski PhD Prize in Gender and Politics

The application period for the 2017 Joni Lovenduski PhD Prize in Gender and Politics is open! The award will be presented by the ECPR and the ECPG Standing Group on Gender and Politics to an outstanding PhD dissertation in the field of gender and politics at the 2017 European Conference on Gender and Politics. Read more about the award and application process here: >>



Call for harnessing potential of female population to boost economy>>


New Women's Park Welcomed in Afghan Province>>


Survivors of Rape and Forced Marriage Seek Justice in Cambodia's Khmer Rouge Trials ;>>


Female investors rise to top of venture capital companies>>


Tribal Women Express Reservations on Reforms Package for FATA>>


Two-day Rural Women's Conference begins at Lok Versa>>


Women Urged to Realise their Role as Society Leaders>>

Central and Eastern Europe


Bulgarian MEP Maria Gabriel: Human Trafficking can be Eliminated>>


Tatyana Doncheva, the "Manly" Candidate (Profile)>>

Central and West Africa


First Female Presidential Aspirant Enters 2017 Liberian Race (Profile)>>


Nigeria's First Lady Says She May Not Support Her Husband's Reelection>>


Reintegration Assistance to over 750 Women, Girls Held Hostage by Boko Haram>>

Sierra Leone

Africa: As Africa Human Rights Day Commemorated Today HRC Demands Examination of Women's Rights>>



No articles this week.

Latin America and the Caribbean


Argentina: hundreds of thousands of women set to protest against violence >>


Why the #NiUnaMenos marchers are demanding a better Argentina for women (Opinion)>>


In Brazil, Online Activists Fight Violence Against Women>>


Chile's President Wants to Ease Abortion Ban, but Opponents Push Back>>


The Invisible Army of Women Fighting Sexual Violence in Colombia>>

Costa Rica

Women Have Expanded Legal Services in Costa Rica>>


Guatemalan Women Demand Respect for their Rights, end of Femicides>>


Guyana MP Calls for Unity, Respect for Women on Diwali Festival>>


Cheran: The town that threw out police, politicians, and gangsters>>


Why Mexico is Giving Out Half a Million Rape Whistles to Female Subway Riders>>


In Peru, this Young Activist is Sparking a Movement for Climate Justice (Profile)>>


Venezuelan Women March to Protest Cancelled Referendum>>

Middle East and North Africa


Women's Participation in Public Affairs Highlighted;>>


Visionary, Defiant, and Resilient: Bahrain's Dissenting Women (Opinion)>>


Kurdish Women Fight Odds to Broadcast on Women's Rights>>


Miri Regev's Culture War(Profile)>>


Jewish and Arab Israeli Women March to Wage Peace>>


Four Women among 61 New Candidates>>


Democracy and Stability - A Challenge for Women >>


#OmanPride: Special Activities organized marked Omani Women's Day >>


More Women in Oman Report Cyber Blackmail after Campaign>>

Saudi Arabia

"Ladies First" Documentary Trailer (Video)>>

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Women Voted for the First Time: What did that look like? (Opinion) >>

North America and Western Europe


Three Mayors Make the Case for More Funds>>


An Icelandic MP breastfed her baby while addressing Parliament>>


Carmena, Colau: Mother and daughter of Spanish municipal politics (Interview)>>

United States

Women Stage Nationwide Blockades against Donald Trump>>


Canada Urged to Quell Discrimination against Women after Fall in UN Ranking>>

Southern and East Africa


Goverment Ensures Women Empowerment in Maritime Sector>>


Switzerland - Women's Participation in Political Decision-Making Bodies Considered>>


Women Want Free, Fair Nominations>>


Natasha Annie Tonthola: My fight against Malawi's "hyenas" (Profile)>>


Protecting Women's Interests in Land Use and Ownership>>


YALI Graduate Empowering Young Women>>


Asha Abdulle Siyad - Pushing Boundaries for Somali Women>>

South Africa

Justice Long Overdue for Widows of South African Mineworkers>>

South Sudan

Darfur Genocide: Silence Harming Women>>


Workplaces Unsafe for Women>>


United Nations

Politics Trumps Gender in the Selection of a U.N. Leader>>


Ranked: The Women Literally Running the Planet>>

Global Summit

From City 50/50 to Planet 50/50 – How to Step it Up for Gender Equality and Sustainable Development (Opinion)>>

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