Women in the News | October 14, 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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Women in the News

What's New at NDI Gender, Women and Democracy (GWD)

Women Mayors and Local Leaders

GWD's Delegation of Women Mayors and Local Leaders is currently traveling in Bogota for the United Cities and Local Governments 2016 Conference and heading to Quito for the Habitat III Conference. Follow their engagement on Twitter by following @NDIWomen or #NDIWoMNCities. >>

USIP: The Obscured Role of Women in Nonviolent Movements

GWD Director Sandra Pepera participated in this event to see how supporting women can strengthen conflict transformation. The event coincided with USIP's October 6 release of a Special Report on women’s roles in non-violent struggles. With the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) and the non-profit organization Just Vision, USIP gathered path-breaking activists, scholars and filmmakers to examine how women’s participation—and the success of non-violent campaigns—can be strengthened.>>

Thinking Strategically About Women and Democracy

With democracy struggling in many countries, providers of democracy support are looking to tailor assistance strategies to respond to the growing variety of troubled transitional contexts. Aiding women’s political empowerment—a crucial area of international aid for democracy as well as for development more generally—shares this challenge. NDI and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace co-hosted a symposium with Tom Carothers, Anne Marie Goetz, Neil Levine, and Sandra Pepera of Carother's latest paper, written in cooperation with NDI. Keep an eye out for recorded audio on CIEP's website.>>

Votes Without Violence

Electoral violence subverts basic standards for democratic elections, which are a cornerstone of democratic governance. Violence against women in elections is a particular form of electoral violence, motivated by a desire to prevent women as women from participating in the electoral process, and which sees women attacked for daring to enter or participate in elections. GWD is proud to launch the Votes Without Violence toolkit on this issue, developed from NDI's collaboration with citizen observer groups around the world. It includes guidance and a set of practical tools and resources that can be used directly by observers and practitioners to monitor and mitigate electoral violence against women effectively. >>



PM Awarded for Women Empowerment  >>


China Jails Women's Rights Campaigner after "Torture" in Detention>>


New Party Leader Gives Japan Troika of Top Women in Politics >>

Sri Lanka

Much to be Done to Ensure Women’s Equal Participation in Society – US Ambassador>>

Central and Eastern Europe


Women across Poland Go on Black Monday Strike against Proposed New Law to Ban Abortion, Jail Women >>

Central and West Africa


Eminent Women Create Situation room to Resolve Election Violence >>


Ellen Calls for Full International Support for Liberia’s 2017 Elections >>



How Maria Baronova Became the Face of Russia’s Opposition;>>


AKP Mayor in Bingöl Refuses to Let Women Hold Positions at Municipal Council  >>

Latin America and the Caribbean


Mexico Town Women Vote Locally for First Time>>

Middle East and North Africa


Preliminary Election Results Announced, legislature makeup takes shape >>


Women and Muslim Brotherhood Make Gains in Jordan’s Elections >>

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Women File Petition to End Male Guardianship System>>

North America and Western Europe

United States

Women in American Politics (Podcast) >>

United States

EU Offers Proposals to have more elected women in Kenya >>

United States

Political Voices in Media are No Longer a Man’s Game (Blog) >>

United Kingdom

Theresa May Makes Her Debut as the Voice of Britain >>

United Kingdom

Men on Political Panels Outnumber Women Two-to-One >>


One of the Most Powerful Women in Cyprus (Profile) >>

Southern and East Africa


Somalia’s Federal Electoral Body Ensures Electoral Process is on Time >>


Senator Claire McClaskill calls for Trump to be Weighed in Public – Everyday >>


Peace and Security

Women from 38 Countries Implore UN Leader to Seek Korean Peace Treaty >>

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