Vera Baboun

photo of vera

Vera Baboun

Former Mayor of Bethlehem, Palestine

I am the first woman mayor to be in Bethlehem and the second in Palestine . . . Definitely being a mayor in my unique context was not an easy thing.

Vera Ghattas Baboun was born on October 6, 1963, a mother of five children and wife of martyr Hanna Ibrahim Baboun, who passed away in 2007. Baboun was elected as the first woman Mayor of the City of Bethlehem in October, 2012 until May 2017. Mrs. Baboun's profile as the first woman Mayor occupies a space on different electronic media pages like Al- Monitor, Marie Claire Magazine and the Family Flavors: The Power to Empower.

Being in this network, just even attending the NDI a particular empowerment. You listen to other women mayors and experts, how they lead their own challenges — you feel like you’re not the only one around that really faces these challenges.
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