Final Report on the 2014 Legislative and Presidential Elections in Tunisia

Friday, November 20, 2015

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This detailed report covers the entire electoral process, from the voter registration period in June 2014 to the announcement of final results of the December presidential run-off. It draws upon the findings of observers who deployed for the duration of the electoral cycle, meeting regularly with candidates and political parties, civil society representatives, and members of the national and regional election commissions.

According to the report, Tunisia’s independent election commission succeeded in administering three well-organized elections that earned the confidence of citizens, and featured their active participation as candidates, voters, observers, and polling officials. Procedural irregularities and incidents were minor, isolated, and unlikely to have materially affected the outcome of the elections.

NDI’s report makes recommendations to strengthen Tunisia’s political and electoral process going forward. Having been selected by Tunisian citizens, elected leaders should assume their legislative duties by governing on behalf of the interests of their constituents, communicating regularly and transparently about their work, and conducting thorough oversight of the executive branch. NDI is currently supporting MPs and parliamentary institutions in meeting the demands of their offices.

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