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Elementary and secondary students in Jordan learn democratic concepts, the responsibilities of citizenship and the importance of community engagement in the "I Participate" program.

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The tragic death of British MP Jo Cox is a reminder that violence is #NotTheCost of politics.

After Ukraine's "Revolution of Dignity," NDI Campaign Schools prepare thousands of first-time candidates.

Fatema Jafari credits NDI-Afganistan's Campaign Schools and Orientation Program for helping her be a successful council member and advocate for women's rights.

Tunisian hope for deeper democracy lies within local elections, NDI public opinion research reveals.

NDI remembers the leadership of LGBTI activist René Martínez after his murder in a suspected hate crime. 

Burkina-Faso's 19-month political transition is coming to an end as more competitive women and youth candidates emerge with support from the NDI.

Elections in Serbia are more transparent due to "Citizens on Watch," a technology-driven campaign from the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA). 

Staff Insights

From DemocracyWorks, a blog written by NDI staff members

What is the Blockchain Revolution and how will it change democracy in the digital age?

NDI's eight-part Guatemala Voices blog series concludes by asking: What's Next for Guatemala?

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP) in northern Kosovo has sparked grassroots change in young Serbians to foster community involvement within minority communities.  

NDI in the News

The Blocktrain Trust Accelerator, an NDI collaboration with non-profit and Silicon Valley partners, will explore the promise of blockchain technology for digital democracy.

The USAID-supported "Strengthing Political Processes" program enabled Ukrainian women politicians to grasp 11 percent of parlimentary seats, up from 8.6 percent in the 2014 elections.

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