Moldovans' Public Perceptions of Politics and Government: Results of NDI's November 2015 Public Opinion Research

Friday, December 18, 2015

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Moldovans are increasingly frustrated and cynical, according to a nationwide NDI survey released this week. Since NDI’s last poll in March 2015, there is a large jump in the number who believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, with the deteriorating economic situation and corruption cited as the top concerns. All current party and government leaders have net negative ratings. Established leaders across the political spectrum consistently fare worse than newer entrants to electoral politics, as frustration with the status quo overrides other issues. 

In addition to a deep desire for improved leadership, particularly at the national level, the data reflects continued support for democratic values. As in earlier NDI polls, Moldovans cite accountability, free elections, and freedom of speech as important principles. The public, however, needs to see greater responsiveness from officials and respect for the rule of law for confidence in public institutions to increase.

Mayors and local councils, however, continue to enjoy a comparatively high level of trust. Local officials are leading by example by communicating with constituents and responding to citizens’ needs. 

NDI has been working in Moldova since 2003 to strengthen political accountability and promote civic activism. NDI’s public opinion research serves to inform parties, international actors, and civil society about citizens’ needs, concerns, and priority issues. 

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