Political Parties and Democracy in Theoretical and Practical Perspectives: Developing Party Policies

Monday, September 30, 2013

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The development of political parties - with their contrasting visions of how citizens should be served - are a sign of a healthy democracy. In a new publication, “Developing Party Policies,” NDI compares how different parties from emerging and established democracies have created ideologies, rules, structures and processes.

The publication, the latest and final addition to NDI’s “Political Parties and Democracy in Theoretical and Practical Perspectives” series, explores how political parties develop policy. It incorporates best practices, advice and lessons learned from current and former party officials. And it includes 12 case studies on policy development experiences from parties in Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Dating from 2002, the “Political Parties and Democracy in Theoretical and Practical Perspectives” series blends theoretical knowledge, empirical research and practical experience to provide comparative information on topics that are central to the role and functioning of political parties. Other papers in the series have addressed parliamentary groups, candidate selection, party law, intra-party democracy, party communications and party finance. NDI is grateful to those who assisted with research for this paper and provided comments on initial drafts.

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