The Quick Count and Election Observation: An NDI Guide for Civic Organizations and Political Parties

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This handbook to conducting a Quick Count (also known as Parallel Vote Tabulation, or PVT) addresses the importance of developing systematic observation of vital election day processes, including the quality of voting, ballot counting and tabulation of election results, as well as the projection of electoral results with extremely narrow margins of error and high degrees of statistical confidence. It covers:

  • Planning and organizational issues;

  • Recruiting and training;

  • Communications systems;

  • Developing a random statistical sample of polling stations for rapid and exacting analysis;

  • Analytical techniques;

  • The considerations for the release of parallel vote tabulation findings;

The handbook is designed for civic organizations but can easily be used by political parties. It also is designed for use by civic organizations that decide not to undertake projection of electoral results. As an organizer's guide, it reviews many of the issues covered by NDI's 1995 "A to Z" handbook.

Note: The first six links below connect to (a) the full English-language version of this handbook, followed by (b) segments of this handbook, listed in order and separated to facilitate easier downloading. The next links connect to the full Arabic version of the handbook, followed by segments listed in order, then connect to the full Spanish-language handbook, followed by segments listed in order. The full French, Portuguese and Russian versions of the handbook are listed at the end.


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