Nigerians with Visual Impairments Vote Independently for the First Time

April 23, 2019
April 23, 2019

In Presidential Runoff, Ukrainians Affirm Democracy and Demand Change

Supporting Ecuador's Democratic Institutions in a New Political Era

April 17, 2019

April 12th, 2019

NYU Washington, DC and the National Democratic Institute will co-sponsor an evening Salon Series conversation featuring Ann Mei Chang, Author of, LEAN IMPACT: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good. Ann Mei also serves as Executive Director of LEAN IMPACT. Marty Colburn, Chief Information Officer, NDI, will introduce Ann Mei as well as Chris Doten, Chief Innovation Officer, NDI, who will join Ann Mei for the evening's discussion.Ann Mei Chang is a leading advocate for social innovation.

April 24th, 2019

Human-centered design has revolutionized the development of technology  --  but this people-first approach has been largely absent in software for international development. Join NDI and a panel of experts to discuss how integrating human-centered design in technology-powered projects can increase their impact and how the approach improved the third-generation of DemTools  --  a suite of open-source products that have helped partners around the world monitor elections, serve citizens, and organize for change.

April 24: Human Centered Design with DemTools

Week of Women 2019: Women Activists Are Key to Kosovo’s Future


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