Addressing Citizen Concerns with Inclusive Policy Recommendations: Iraq 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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اقــرأ هـذا الـنـص بـالـعـربـيـة‎

This report puts forth policy recommendations addressing pressing concerns of Iraqi citizens: agriculture, school dropout, primary school curriculum, fundamentalism, corruption, and unemployment. It was developed by NDI-supported multi-party policy working groups comprised of women, youth, and minority representatives from across Iraq's political landscape. Throughout 2016-2017, the groups analyzed six issues that often go unanswered and specifically affect underrepresented communities, such as youth, women, minorities, and internally displaced persons. The policy groups consulted with over 2,250 stakeholders, citizens and experts on feasible solutions and, as a result, developed 25 long-term and 34 short-term recommendations targeted to various institutions. The policy working group members continue to bring their proposed solutions to public debate and influence the policy agendas of the Iraqi decision-makers.

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