Executive Transitions Guide

Monday, September 27, 2021

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The National Democratic Institute (NDI) developed this comprehensive guide on the management and execution of transitions of power. This unique resource was developed by experts and former officials with direct experience managing transitions across different political contexts and geographical regions. The Global Lessons on Managing Executive Transitions concentrates expertise, analyzes lessons learned from both successes and shortcomings in past experiences, and provides a comprehensive foundation for understanding the process, priorities, institutions, and individual roles necessary for a peaceful and smooth transfer of power.

The guide covers three contexts: parliamentary, presidential, and post-conflict. In the parliamentary and presidential sections, the experts cover the key actors in the transition, the function of the transition oversight body and its recommended meeting schedule and agenda, best practices for internal and executive communication, initial responsibilities, the essentials of setting up functional offices, and other elements specific to the responsibilities of the parliament or presidential role. In addition to covering the same themes as the first two sections, the post-conflict section details various types of interim governments, instructions for processes to establish justice, security, stability, and crisis management. The involvement of actors beyond the state’s government, including international, regional, and civil society groups are explored for the support they can provide in the unique context. All sections include example processes and actions from multiple countries.

The guide has been developed as an interactive PDF that allows users to click between and among various topics across political contexts. Please use the left-hand outline in the document to shift between sections.

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