Factsheet: NDI's Public Opinion Research in Georgia

Thursday, December 5, 2019

In more than 70 countries around the world, including Georgia, the National Democratic Institute works with a wide range of partners to support democratic processes. NDI does not choose sides or support particular outcomes.

NDI has worked in Georgia since 1994, partnering with the parliament, national, and local government representatives; political parties across the spectrum; and civil society to help them pursue Georgians’ aspirations for democracy, sovereignty, and prosperity. In all of its activities, NDI responds to requests from Georgian partners. In recent years, the Institute has worked closely with the governing Georgian Dream party as well as parties in opposition.

NDI regularly conducts public opinion research to provide decision makers and activists with reliable information about citizens’ opinions and priorities. Funded by the government of the UK, and previously by the Swedish government, NDI’s surveys and focus groups in Georgia are designed with input from representatives of the Georgian government and of parties across the political spectrum, to ensure that all questions are relevant. NDI’s public opinion research has been used extensively by parliament, as well as by local governments, to inform their legislation and policy-making processes. To promote confidence in the research and informed consumption of public opinion research, all findings and methodologies are shared publicly. 

NDI’s polls, which are conducted in cooperation with the Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC), are widely recognized as the most transparent in Georgia and are available online for analysis through an open data platform. Users can download the full questionnaires, do their own analyses, and produce graphs and cross-tabulations. In addition, to ensure the integrity of the research, NDI and CRRC regularly audit surveyors, conduct all polls by tablet to allow monitoring and tracking of information, and impose multiple layers of blind cross checks of data.

NDI polls can be accessed here. For more information about NDI’s programs in Georgia, click here


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