Final Report of the National Democratic Institute on Liberia’s 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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In partnership with the West Africa Election Observers Network (WAEON), NDI conducted two pre-election assessment missions, which issued statements on February 24, 2017 and September 8, 2017; positioned four long-term analysts in Monrovia and six long-term observers throughout the country for the duration of the electoral process; and deployed a 35-person delegation for the October 10, 2017 polls and a 36-person delegation for the December 26, 2017 second round of the presidential election. This final report includes recommendations that NDI respectfully offers in the spirit of international cooperation aimed at supporting Liberia’s ongoing efforts to further improve its electoral processes. These recommendations, if pursued, could contribute to greater public confidence in Liberia’s electoral processes.

Liberia’s 2017 presidential and legislative elections represented a historic achievement for Liberia and its citizens as Liberia ushered in its first peaceful transfer of power since 1944. The elections were characterized by active and largely peaceful campaigns, civic and voter education that raised citizen’s awareness of the electoral process and voting procedures, significant youth participation in the election process, and results that were validated by credible observers. Several of the challenges identified during the October 10 polls were addressed prior to the December 26 presidential runoff election, and the candidates and parties accepted the final results.

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