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After electing Africa’s first woman head of state in 2005, Liberians experienced another historic election in 2017 as the country ushered in its first peaceful democratic transfer of power since 1944.  Following the election, the country is looking to build on this milestone towards institutionalization of a resilient democracy that delivers for its people.

NDI first worked in Liberia to assist in voter education and election monitoring for the country’s 1997 elections and has continuously worked in Liberia since 2003. During the 2017 elections, NDI implemented an international election observation mission, supported civil society organizations to conduct issue-based civic and voter education campaigns, trained women political leaders, supported citizen observers to observe all phases of the electoral process, and helped political parties to train and deploy pollwatchers. In the post-election period, NDI is partnering with the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC), a network of civil society organizations, to monitor the political transition processes and drive momentum for electoral reform. NDI is continuing to increase women’s political engagement through supporting women lawmakers to more effectively lead in the legislature and young women leaders to research and document women’s participation in the new government. NDI is also providing technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of political parties to participate in Liberia’s political processes by working with parties to enhance internal democracy, increase accountability to constituents, and expand parties’ external engagement. In addition, NDI is providing guidance to the new administration as it transitions into office.  NDI’s current programs in Liberia are funded by USAID and the U.S. State Department.

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Liberia International Election Observation Mission



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