Government of Botswana and National Democratic Institute to Co-Host International Summit on Constitutionalism and Democratic Consolidation in Africa

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Washington, DC – The Government of Botswana and the National Democratic Institute will co-host an “International Summit on Constitutionalism and Democratic Consolidation in Africa,” in Gaborone, Botswana from July 6-8, 2022. The summit will build on an earlier Summit in Support of Constitutional Term Limits, held in October 2019 in Niamey, Niger Republic.

"Botswana is pleased to host this important Summit to celebrate democracy and enhance its future sustainability by promoting dialogue on constitutionalism and respect for the rule of law. The holding of this high-level event is testament to Botswana’s commitment to democracy both at home and abroad," stated His Excellency Dr. Mokgweetsi E.K. Masisi, the President of the Republic of Botswana.

Botswana recently reaffirmed its commitment to democratic governance by its engagement in, and commitments during the global 2021 Summit for Democracy. The Gaborone Summit will provide a positive vision of constitutionalism across the continent, and will celebrate Botswana's position as one of the champions of democracy in Africa. 

“The Botswana conference is an important opportunity for African leaders, governments, regional institutions and civil society to collectively renew their commitment and efforts to build democratic constitutional rule, and importantly to counter democratic backsliding across the continent,” said Dickson Omondi, NDI's Regional Director for Southern and East Africa.

The upcoming Gaborone event will include current and former political leaders, representatives from regional organizations, civil society activists and academics in conversation to support the respect for constitutional rule across the continent, and strengthen political discourse in favor of respecting presidential term limits.

“Africa remains the world’s most youthful continent with close to 70 percent of its population less than 30 years old. Reinforcing constitutional term limits and the rule of law will create tremendous opportunities for the peaceful renewal of political leadership through the ballot box; it also opens up avenues for the inclusion of women, youth and other marginalized groups into the governance process,” stated Christopher Fomunyoh, NDI’s Senior Associate for Africa.

Summit participants will include several African former Heads of State who are strong proponents of democratic governance. These leaders will be joined by representatives from regional institutions such as the Nairobi-based Katiba Institute, Africtivistes, Tournons la Page, the Presidential Precinct, and the African Network of Constitutional Lawyers (ANCL).

The Summit is on-the-record, open press and will be live-streamed.




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