Guía - 2% y + Mujeres en Política: Una experiencia de incidencia para compartir

Monday, October 1, 2012

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In 2010 and 2011, NDI helped convene stakeholders from across Mexico to ensure that legislation promoting women’s political participation would be enacted. Civil society activists, government representatives, academics, and women from leading political parties came together in a coalition for “2% and More Women in Politics,” to develop and advocate for a regulation to promote enforcement of a provision in the federal election code that designates 2 percent of federal political party funding for women’s leadership training. The reforms were unanimously approved by the National Electoral Institute (INE) in July 2011. The 2% initiative incorporated new methodologies to advocate for policy preferences, particularly ICTs (twitter), to generate social capital and pressure government officials. Following this achievement, the National Institute of Women (INMUJERES) and NDI developed this toolkit with a detailed guide on how to organize a similar advocacy campaign. This advocacy guide has been used by groups at the state level to successfully advocate for passage of 2% regulations. The Network of Support for Women Municipal Leaders (Red de Apoyo a Mujeres Municipalistas, REAMM), a member group of the original 2% and More Women in Politics coalition, assumed responsibility for launching the guide at the state level and providing support to local coalitions working to ensure state-level party funding for women’s political participation. In 2013, REAMM received the Madeline K. Albright award to begin this work at the state level. 

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