NDI Announces Micro-awards for Global Legislative Openness Week in November

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) announced that the fourth annual Global Legislative Openness Week (GLOW) will take place this year from November 20 to 30 and that NDI is offering micro-awards to help groups organize events.

Organized by members of the Open Government Partnership’s (OGP) Legislative Openness Working Group, GLOW is a global campaign to support legislative openness advocacy around the world, highlight good work being done to encourage parliaments to develop their own OGP National and Parliamentary Action Plans, and share best practices among parliaments and civil society organizations.

Broad global participation has made GLOW a success since 2014. In 2016, the campaign engaged parliaments and civil society organizations in more than 45 countries. GLOW 2017 will kick off at the OGP America’s Regional Meeting on November 20 and 21 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“We are excited that this year we have even more opportunities for civil society organizations who are working to innovatively keep legislatures open and transparent to participate in GLOW,” said Scott Hubli, NDI Director of Governance Programs. “We will be making small awards to groups who can co-brand their local events or projects and gain broader visibility for their work through GLOW.”

Find out more information here on how organizations can submit their proposals to receive micro-award funding.

GLOW organizers encourage civil society organizations and legislatures to organize their own parliamentary openness activities that can help encourage their parliament’s participation in the Open Government Partnership. Organizations that are already planning a legislative openness event or project that will be active in November -- or those inspired to organize something new -- should email [email protected] with their plans.

Visit OpenParlWeek.org for GLOW information, ideas, resources and regular updates; submit a proposal for GLOW; and follow the action at #OpenParl17.


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GLOW 2017
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