NDI to host events on democratic oversight, national security and public integrity during the 2023 Global Summit of the Open Government Partnership in Estonia

Friday, September 1, 2023

With democratic governance under increasing pressure from autocratic expansion, corrupt networks, and multiple, overlapping environmental crises, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) redoubles its commitment to democratic unity and the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity through its robust engagement in the 2023 Global Summit of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to be held in Tallinn, Estonia from September 4 - 8. 

Recognizing that accountable governance requires an all-of-society approach, NDI is honored to facilitate the participation of a diverse set of multi-stakeholder actors– including civil society activists, members of parliament and local and national government officials – drawn from 16 countries. 

"NDI has been a committed partner to OGP since their founding, and we share a common goal of citizen participation, openness and accountability in government,” said Kristen Sample, NDI’s Democratic Governance Director. “With crisis becoming the new normal, it’s more important than ever that we reaffirm our collaboration and strengthen our networks towards a more responsive and democratic politics for all.”

During the week, NDI will also host events on a diverse set of open governance topics highlighting the importance of transparency, democratic oversight and public integrity. 

On September 5, NDI is co-organizing a series of panels in the Estonian Parliament centered on transparent and ethical legislative practices. These exchanges are part of the Open Parliament e-Network and will feature members of parliament from Albania, Chile, Estonia, Ghana, Guatemala, Taiwan, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

In partnership with Transparency International Ukraine, NDI will host a high level event focused on democratic oversight of national security on September 7. National security is often used as a justification for obscuring information that should be made available to the public. This panel will feature Nobel Peace Prize Winner Maria Ressa speaking on the role of the media in supporting the public’s right to know, while former US Congresswoman Jackie Speier will share her decade-long fight to reform the military justice system. In addition, Andrii Borovyk and Mohamed Bennour from Transparency International will share good practices for  open government solutions that support democratic resilience and inclusive security outcomes, even in times of crisis and conflict, such as the current context in Ukraine. The event can be viewed via livestream.  

Finally, NDI and Transparency International will continue their joint efforts to promote transparent policymaking and democratic oversight related to public debt through a partner event scheduled for September 8. Considering that more than 40% of the world’s population live in countries where debt interest payments are greater than expenditure on health or education, panelists from Kenya, Malawi, Montenegro and Sri Lanka will share their recommendations for ensuring debt transparency and reinforcing integrity and accountability measures. This in-person event is open to the public, but registration is advised.  

"With its multi-sectoral nature and global scope– including more than 75 member countries and 100 member local governments– the Open Government Partnership is a premier platform to advance democratic unity of purpose and action,” Sample mentioned. “Time is running out for democratic leaders to act decisively against corruption and autocratic expansion and to ensure that democracy delivers on its promise to improve everyday life.  In order to defend democracy, political and civic leaders need to deploy strategies that are as networked, nimble and transnational as the challenges they face.” 



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