Request for Proposal: Social and Behavioral Change Research & Intervention Design

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

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The National Democratic Institute seeks a research firm, hereafter referred to as the Vendor, to support the development of evidence-based social and behavior change (SBC) tools and approaches that enhance preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) outcomes by promoting pluralistic and sustained youth political participation. This is part of a cross-regional program that aims to 1) build an evidence base and theoretical model that identifies the prevailing stereotypes, norms, and behaviors that inhibit young people’s pluralistic mobilization in the prevention of violent extremism and other types of violence that are contributing to violent extremist risk (such as inter-ethnic, online, etc).; 2) develop a practical, accessible assessment tool that helps practitioners identify the core exclusionary perceptions, norms, and behaviors in a given context; and 3) develop and test evidence-based SBC interventions that promote pluralistic youth mobilization and meaningful participation in P/CVE community and civic processes. 
The Vendor would work with the Institute to design and conduct case study research in two countries, Cote d’Ivoire and Kosovo, to design practical, evidence-based SBC tools and approaches that foster normative and behavioral changes that enhance pluralistic and sustained youth mobilization and participation in P/CVE. Based on the findings and lessons learned, NDI will develop programmatic guidance to support democracy and governance practitioners in designing and implementing SBC approaches and interventions in diverse contexts at risk for violent extremism.

All final proposals should be submitted via email to Jessie Steinhauer at [email protected] and/or Maleeha Coleburn at [email protected] (same as above) at the National Democratic Institute by 6:00 pm ET on February 12, 2024. For more details, please see the RFP attached.
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