May 26, 2021
May 25, 2021

The pandemic is placing an acute strain on many countries already dealing with poor governance and profound socioeconomic challenges. In many instances, COVID-19 is exacerbating problems and the fallout -- if left unaddressed -- will continue long after the virus is defeated. At the same time, authoritarians are using the pandemic to seize more power at home and attack democratic systems that protect the rights and dignity of all people.

TBILISI – Poll results released today by the National Democratic Institute (NDI or the Institute) and CRRC Georgia find that a year into the coronavirus pandemic, Georgians remain concerned about the state of the economy and healthcare. While the public continues to credit the government with managing the pandemic effectively (68 percent, up from 60 percent in December 2020), they remain skeptical of forthcoming vaccinations. Amidst an ongoing political crisis, Georgians are looking to their elected leaders to prioritize policies that address their pressing concerns. 

NDI Environmental Governance and Resilience Initiative

When governments and citizens cooperate based on principles of good governance, the result is stronger environmental policies that create resilient, inclusive and sustainable solutions. The National Democratic Institute (NDI) is uniquely qualified to shape the elements of good governance that improve natural disaster response and recovery, natural resource management and sustainability, and address the outsize impact of climate change on women and society’s most marginalized.


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