NDI, IFES and IRI Support Afghan Civil Society Efforts to Observe Parliamentary Elections

October 15, 2018

May 08th, 2019

Please join us as we celebrate risk-takers for women’s empowerment at the Madeleine K. Albright Luncheon. We will hear from and honor those who have put themselves at great peril to be trailblazers in furthering women’s inclusion in political life, leading to a better life for all. These risk-takers are truly working for democracy and making democracy work.

NDI Supports UN Violence Against Women Report

NDI celebrates three-and-a-half decades working for democracy

October 31st, 2018

Please join Secretary Madeleine Albright, NDI board chairman, for a special conversation and book signing for NDI staff on her most recent book, "Fascism: A Warning," at noon on October 31 in NDI's boardroom. NDI President Derek Mitchell will moderate the conversation with the Secretary, which will be followed by a brief question and answer period. If you wish her to sign a copy of "Fascism: A Warning," please bring your book with you; the signing will immediately follow the conversation.

Can Tech Do More to Support Democracy? We’re working on it...

September 28, 2018

Statement of the Second Joint NDI/IRI Pre-Election Assessment Mission to Nigeria

Iraqi Women Activists Inspire Creation of Toolkit to Promote Reconciliation


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