Summary: Study on Radicalization Explores Roots of Extremism in Niger

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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Niger’s National Center for Strategic and Security Studies (Centre National d’Etudes Stratégiques et de Sécurité - CNESS) conducted a study on radicalization factors influencing young people in rural, urban, university, and penal environments.

The study, financed with the support of the Danish and Norwegian governments through the National Democratic Institute, aims to better illuminate the driving factors of radicalization across these varied environments and make targeted recommendations to key stakeholders in order to address the roots of radicalization. The results, relied on information collected from 2,376 young people across Niger, highlighted important urban, rural, and educational disparities in political grievances and drivers of radicalization that underscore the importance of contextualized policy making and responsiveness to the problem of youth radicalization.


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