July 2016 | #ILF2016: International Leaders Learn About U.S. Political State of Play

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NDI Chairman Madeleine Albright welcomes international guests to the 2016 International Leaders Forum at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

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The high stakes of the 2016 election brought nearly 400 foreign leaders to #ILF2016 to learn about U.S. politics and policy that will have repercussions across the globe.

At ILF 2016, international leaders hear analyses of U.S. foreign policy challenges from Members of Congress and foreign policy experts. 

The Aspen Institute's Stevens Initiative, Stanford University and the Civic Tech Leadership Program collaborate to empower tech savvy democratic activism across cultures.

A two-day workshop in Gabon has begun to bridge a deep political divide between rival parties, calming fears of violence before the August presidential election. 

As NDI Chairman Madeleine Albright received the DOD's highest honor, she told the story about her path from refugee to U.S. Secretary of State. 

Martin Luther King III urges Zambian party youth to avoid electoral violence at youth conflict mitigation initiative organized by NDI. 

The tragic assassination of Burundian Member of East African Parliament, Hafsa Mossi, is another reminder that violence is #NotTheCost of politics.  

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NDI's Citizen Participation team creates a new website with resources dedicated to putting elections to work for accountability.

Violence against women continues to be a threat to participatory democracy.   

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