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The National Democratic Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.



Over the last decade, a number of Asian nations have rejected authoritarian regimes and are moving toward a more democratic form of government. These nations are dealing with the second-generation democratic issues of legislative development, corruption prevention, citizen participation, and constitutional and electoral reform.

Countries such as Pakistan and Thailand have returned to elected government after military rule, but continue to struggle with sustaining democratic institutions. Bangladesh, which faced two years under a military-led regime, has moved forward since conducting democratic elections. Cambodia and Malaysia are making slower strides toward democratic development. Even so, limited political liberalization has created new space for citizens to participate, for political parties and NGO’s to organize and for legislatures to assert their power. Thus, complete political and economic isolation has become increasingly rare, with nations like Burma, Laos and North Korea being the exceptions rather than the rule.

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Since 2002, the Institute has been working to strengthen the participation of political parties, provincial councils, women and civic groups in Afghanistan's politcal and electoral processes. | Read more »


NDI is developing a program to support members of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus in their efforts to push for democratic change in Burma. | Read more »


NDI’s programs seek to promote a more open and transparent political environment in Cambodia by providing the public with greater access to their elected representatives, increased exposure to differing political viewpoints and non-partisan reports on elections.  | Read more »


The Institute is working to support the incremental reforms that have provided a foundation for greater representation and openness in governance in China. | Read more »

Hong Kong

NDI is working to support political reform in Hong Kong, including strengthening political parties and civil society organizations. | Read more »


The Institute conducts programs focused on election monitoring, women's political participation, political party development, and public participation in budgeting. | Read more »


The Institute has launched a program to foster open discourse on legislative and governmental matters and to encourage political parties to be more transparent, democratic, and communicative in their relations with one another and with the public. | Read more »


NDI is working with political party activists and parliamentarians to enhance their political skills and to increase public participation in legislative and electoral processes. | Read more »


The Institute has been implementing programs to assist political party development and to increase political participation by marginalized groups such as youth, women and ethnic minorities. | Read more »


The Institute has established programs to support broader citizen participation in political reform processes during the transition to restored democratic institutions. | Read more »

Past Programs

Read about past NDI programs in the Asia region. 
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