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Chapter 1: Overview of Electronic Voting and Counting Technologies         

Framework for the Guide and Overview Section

Weighing the Benefits and Challenges

Electronic Voting

Electronic Counting

Common Electronic Voting and Counting Technologies

Electronic Voting and Counting Around the World

Key Electronic Voting and Counting Considerations

Emerging Electronic Voting Standards

Chapter 2 Implementing and Overseeing Electronic Voting and Counting Projects         

2.1: Making a Decision on E-voting or E-counting

Decision in Principle

Key Considerations: Decision in Principle

Pilot Project

Key Considerations: Pilot Projects

Decision on Adoption

Key Considerations: Decision on Adoption

2.2: Building the System for E-voting or E-counting

Standards for Implementation

Key Considerations: Standards for Implementation

Legal and Procedural Framework

Key Considerations: Legal and Procedural Framework

Design Requirements

Key Considerations: Design Requirements

Procurement, Production and Delivery

Key Considerations: Procurement, Production and Delivery

Security Mechanisms

Key Considerations: Security Mechanisms

Recruitment and Training of Personnel

Key Considerations: Recruitment and Training of Personnel

2.3: Implementing Electronic Voting or Electronic Counting in an Election

Project and Risk Management

Key Considerations: Project and Risk Management

Voter Education and Information

Key Considerations: Voter Education and Information

Software and Hardware Maintenance, Storage and Update

Key Considerations: Software/Hardware Maintenance, Storage and Update

Testing, Source Code Review and Certification

Key Considerations: Testing, Source Code Review and Certification

Election Day (Setup,  Testing, Security,  Troubleshooting)

Key Considerations: Election Day (Set-up,  Testing, Security,  Troubleshooting)


Key Considerations:  Tabulation

Challenges and Recounts

Key Considerations: Challenges and Recounts

Post-Election Audits

Key Considerations: Post-election Audits

Evaluation of system

Key Considerations: Evaluation of System

Internet Voting

Key Considerations: Internet Voting

Concluding Remarks


Case Study Report on Brazil Electronic Voting, 1996 to Present  

Case Study Report on Electronic Voting in the Netherlands

Case Study Report on the Philippines 2010 Elections Implementing and Overseeing

Electronic Voting and Counting Technologies: Resource Annex



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